Studio Policy

Jacqui's Piano Studio 2017/2018

400 US-1 North Falmouth, Maine

My Philosophy      

I believe every child is unique and different in their own way. Not every child learns the same way or at the same pace. It is my job as a teacher to accommodate each one of my students needs in order for them to be successful musicians. I am a life-long learner and will always be trying new ways to engage and excite students while studying the piano. 

I offer a program that will work for students who are learning to play for just enjoyment up through students who want to study music in college and expect to be playing advanced repertoire in high school to prepare for that.  Depending on where students fall on this spectrum, they can participate in all studio events, or just some.  I do require students to participate in the end-of-year recital (Except Adults or students dealing with extreme performance anxiety).

Every year students are invited to participate in 4 performance classes (lessons in a group setting), a Master Class with Alexander Peppe' on how the piano works at Starbird Music, the SUMMERJAM (performance for students who do creative projects in the Summer), a Halloween Piano Bash, and a end-of-year recital in June.  Students are also invited to participate in events and festivals put on by the Maine Music Teachers Association.  It is my hope to give students a feeling of community within the studio and to feel comfortable learning how to play the piano in their private lessons and also in group settings and performances.  Check out the calendar of events here-->Calendar

Student and Family Responsibility
Practice is never an easy task but it is very important to the student’s piano study.  It is up to the student and the student’s family to motivate the student to practice 5 times a week. If student is under the age of 7 they will be exploring music through CD's, some lesson material I send home from class, and songs they are working on.  It is up to the student’s family to sit down with their child and go over their assignments 1-2 times per week.  (More than that is great as well!)  Wunderkeys students will also have workbook material to go over each week.  (If you are looking for preschool lessons, click here-->Preschool Policy)

Students must have an acoustic piano or keyboard with a pedal at home to take lessons in order for them to practice each week.
If something occurs at home or school that is affecting your child, let me know so that I can be more sensitive to the child during their lesson.

Monthly Tuition
30 Min. Lessons:  $144.00  
60 Min. Lessons:  $241.00
90 Min. Lessons:  $352.00
Every other week 30 min.:  $76.00
Every other week 60 min.:  $127.00

Payment Policy
Monthly tuition is calculated by multiplying the lesson rate by 36 weeks between September and June and dividing by 10 months.  There are actually 38 weeks between this time but two flex weeks are included in case the teacher or the student is ill or misses a lesson

If a lesson cannot be attended due to illness, weather, or other activities, or if I cancel for any reason, tuition will remain the same. I will offer opportunities to have make-ups but expect the month to be paid in advance.  All 10 months during the year will have an opportunity to make a lesson up whether it be a make-up day, a performance class, or a master class.  If lesson is not cancelled 24 hours in advance, a make up will not be provided (unless student is ill).  

Tuition will be due on the first of each month.  There will be a $15.00 fee if payment is not made by the 10th of each month. You can pay your monthly tuition by credit card, check, cash, or paypal.  If you pay online, you will be charged a 2.9% online transaction fee each month.  If you miss a lesson, I cannot guarantee a make-up lesson but will always put available lessons on the online calendar.  If a student quits lessons in the middle of a month, there are no refunds.

Registration Fee 

There is a $55.00 registration fee per child upon enrollment and every September (start of school year) which will cover music for the entire year, materials such as binders and Piano Explorer Magazine, fees for recital venues, , master classes,  other materials that I purchase for student lessons, and because I do a lot of printing it also goes towards ink. I have already purchased studio licenses for theory books and materials for student’s binders that are legal under copyright law.

Family Account

Once families register in the studio they will have their own online account where they can access the studio calendar.  They can cancel and reschedule lessons on the calendar (as long as they cancel 24 hours prior) and can see upcoming events.  They can also pay their monthly tuition and read about studio news and events.

Attendance Policy
I know that students will not be able to attend every lesson throughout the year, but I do expect to be given 24 hour notice if a student will not be attending their lesson.  Feel free to call, text, email, or log in to the website to cancel your lesson. If a scheduled lesson is missed without notice, a make-up lesson will not be provided.  Students should not attend lessons if they are sick.   Please let me know the morning of if this is the case and register for an available lesson or performance class.  If students are only mildly ill, please let email me and I can send a video lesson or we can do a phone or Skype lesson.

If there is bad weather, a snow day, or I need to cancel for any reason, I will send out text messages and emails.

Performance/Group Classes

Group Classes will be between 10/22-10/27, 02/04-02/09, and 5/20-5/25.  There are no regular lessons during this week.  Schedules of classes will be sent via email and posted on the bulletin board  There are three weeks during the year where we don't do regular private lessons and students attend an hour long class with 3-4 other students in their age group and level.  These kinds of classes build a sense of community and give students more chances to perform.  They are also FUN.  We play games, listen to music, perform for each other, and have some goodies!

I will be teaching on Labor Day, Columbus Day, Martin Luther King,Jr. Day,  and Memorial Day so please let me know in advance if you will not be attending your lesson on these Holidays.  There are no lessons during Thanksgiving Week, Christmas and New Years weeks,  February Vacation, and April Vacation.  During Thanksgiving, Feburary and April vacations I will offer Make-Up lesson days between 2:00PM and 6:00PM.  You can register for one on the on-line calendar.  I will also hand out a studio calendar at the beginning of the year.

Initial Interview/Meeting
If you agree with my policy/philosophy of teaching, I will provide a meeting/interview at my studio where we can talk about goals and go over the program.  We can look over scheduling and also get an online account set up.  This is no cost.


"Jacqui is an amazing piano teacher! My daughter has been a student of Jacqui's Piano Studio for four years and it is incredible to see what an amazing piano player she has become. My daughter can sit at the piano and play for hours, it's truly magical! Jacqui is young, energetic, full of excitement for her students and their parents. She truly loves what she does with a passion and that is what makes her such a amazing piano teacher."        -Neda N.

"We highly recommend Jacqui's Piano Studio. Jacqui is very talented and has a wonderful way of teaching piano. She's so dedicated to her students and her work. We just love her!!"  -Deb C

"Our 2 teenage boys have been taking piano lessons with Jacqui for the past 2 years. Jacqui has an ability to cater to each child's musical interests, which keeps them excited about practicing. Jacqui is kind and organized and the kids are always happy to attend lessons with her. Would highly recommend!!" -Katelyn A.

"Jacqui has worked with my daughters for a few years. They have grown tremendously during this time and they wouldn't trade their weekly visit with her for anything. Jacqui makes the learning fun"  -Ginny G.

"Jacqui's is an Excellent teacher. She is well educated and talented. She was very patient and kind with my son. The recitals were a great opportunity for my son to experience playing in front of an audience. Highly recommend her classes" -Paula M.