Studio Policy

Jacqui's Piano Studio 2020/2021

400 US-1 Northwest, suite a, Falmouth, Maine

We offer a program that will work for students who are learning to play for just enjoyment up through students who want to study music in college and expect to be playing advanced repertoire in high school to prepare for that. Depending on where students fall on this spectrum, they can participate in all studio events, or just some. Wedo require students to participate in the end-of-year recital (Except Adults or students dealing with extreme performance anxiety).

Every year students are invited to participate in 4 group classes with their peers, one performance class at a nursing home, at Maine Medical Center, etc, a Master Class with Alexander Peppe' on how the piano works at Starbird Music, the SUMMERJAM (performance for students who do creative projects in the Summer), a Halloween Piano Bash, a Holiday Recital, and a end-of-year recital in June. Students are also invited to participate in events and festivals put on by the Maine Music Teachers Association such as The Monster Festival (all day performance event with 13 pianos), The Pine Tree Piano Competition, Honors recitals, Adjudicated events and Outdoor Music Celebrations in the Spring. It is our hope to give students a feeling of community within the studio and to feel comfortable learning how to play the piano in their private lessons and also in group settings and performances. Check out the calendar of events here-->Calendar

Student and Family Responsibility
Practice is never an easy task but it is very important to the student’s piano study.  It is up to the student and the student’s family to motivate the student to practice 5 times a week. When students don’t practice they don’t feel successful and they will not want to practice anymore. More practice equals a successful study. 

If student is under the age of 7 they will be exploring music through CD's, some lesson material we send home from class, and songs they are working on.  It is up to the student’s family to sit down with their child and go over their assignments 1-2 times per week.  (More than that is great as well!)  Wunderkeys students will also have workbook material to go over each week.  

Students must have an acoustic piano or keyboard with a pedal at home to take lessons in order for them to practice each week. 

If something occurs at home or school that is affecting your child, let me know so that I can be more sensitive to the child during their lesson.

Monthly Tuition (Through Summer 2021)

30 Min. Lessons with Jacqui:  $157.00  
45 Min. Lessons with Jacqui: $192.00
60 Min. Lessons with Jacqui: $255.00
90 Min. Lessons with Jacqui: $365.00:

30 Min. Lessons with Delaney: $115.00
60 Min. Lessons with Delaney: $210.00

30 Min. Lessons with Sarah: $125.00
60 Min. Lessons with Sarah: $220.00

*Rates are determined by Experience, schooling, certifications, and professional development and do go up a few dollars each year

Payment Policy 
Monthly tuition is calculated by multiplying the lesson rate by 36 weeks between September and June and dividing by 10 months. There are actually 38 weeks between this time but two flex weeks are included in case the teacher needs to be out for any reason (sick, death in family, etc) In the summer 7 weeks will be prorated (tution will stay the same)

If a lesson cannot be attended due to illness, weather, or other activities, or if teacher cancels for any reason, tuition will remain the same. We will offer opportunities to have make-ups but expect the month to be paid in advance. If lesson is not cancelled 24 hours in advance, a make up will not be provided (unless student is ill).

Tuition will be due on the first of each month.  There will be a $15.00 fee if payment is not made by the 10th of each month. You can pay your monthly tuition by credit card, check, cash, or paypal.  If you pay online, you will be charged a 2.9% online transaction fee each month.  There is an option to put your bank account information into your account to pay online without a fee.  You can also set up automatic payments this way which is extremely convenient.  I have also found and automatic bank check is also convenient.  

If you miss a lesson, we cannot guarantee a make-up lesson but will always put available lessons on the online calendar.  If a student quits lessons in the middle of a month, there are no refunds.

Materials Fee

There is a $80.00 Materials fee per child upon enrollment and every September (start of school year) which will cover ALL music and materials for the entire year.  If students start in the middle of the year they will be charged half and if they start in the summer, they will not be charged until September. (You can pay half in September and half in February OR add $8 a month to monthly tuition if you would prefer)

Family Account/Attendance Policy

Once families register in the studio they will have their own online account where they can access the studio calendar.  If students can not attend a lesson, it is up to parents to log into their account, cancel lessons, and register for make ups.  Once a lesson is cancelled, the student will receive a make up credit and their time that was just cancelled will appear as a "make up lesson" so other families can grab that time if they need to cancel.  This system is much more effective than me trying to juggle the schedule.  Families can also pay tuition, read about studio news, and see upcoming events and group classes on the calendar.

Please do not bring students to scheduled lessons if they are sick. If they are only mildly ill just plan to do a zoom lesson. If they are sick, cancel the lesson online and you will receive a make up credit. Gentle reminder that tuition does pay for a program and if students don't make their lessons teachers will still be here lesson planning, event planning, playing through repertoire, ordering materials, etc.

There will be "make up days" offered during Thanksgiving Break, February Break, and April Break. 

Performance/Group Classes

There are 4 group class weeks and one performance week this year. We will have a studio calendar out to families in September with all the dates. During Group and Performance Class weeks there are no regular private lessons. During performance class week students will perform at different nursing homes and medical centers in the area.   If students can't make scheduled classes they can be put into another class during the week.  These kinds of classes build a sense of community and give students more chances to perform.  They are also FUN.  We play games, listen to music, perform for each other, and have some goodies! The last group class of the year will be our annual PIANO PARTY!!


Studio is open on Columbus Day, Martin Luther King,Jr. Day,  and Memorial Day so please let me know in advance if you will not be attending your lesson on these Holidays or cancel on your online calendar.

There are no lessons during Thanksgiving Week, Christmas and New Years weeks,  February Vacation, and April Vacation.  During Thanksgiving, Feburary and April vacations make up lessons will be offered.  You can register for one on the on-line calendar. 

Summer Session:

  • 8 Week Session (Will charge out for 7 weeks and prorate)
  • Monthly Tuition stays the same
  • July 6th-August 21st (Group Classes the last week of August)
  • Lessons on Monday-Saturday from 1PM-9PM
  • Students do special projects to prepare for the SUMMERJAM
  • One week will be dedicated to group classes/Make Up Days/Ensemble Prep for Summerjam

Meet and Greet!
If you agree with studio policys/philosophy of teaching, we will provide a meet and greet at the studio where we can talk about goals and go over the program.  We can look over scheduling and also get an online account set up.  This is no cost. 


 "Jacqui is an amazing piano teacher! My daughter has been a student of Jacqui's Piano Studio for four years and it is incredible to see what an amazing piano player she has become. My daughter can sit at the piano and play for hours, it's truly magical! Jacqui is young, energetic, full of excitement for her students and their parents. She truly loves what she does with a passion and that is what makes her such a amazing piano teacher."        -Neda N.


"We highly recommend Jacqui's Piano Studio. Jacqui is very talented and has a wonderful way of teaching piano. She's so dedicated to her students and her work. We just love her!!"  -Deb C


"Our 2 teenage boys have been taking piano lessons with Jacqui for the past 2 years. Jacqui has an ability to cater to each child's musical interests, which keeps them excited about practicing. Jacqui is kind and organized and the kids are always happy to attend lessons with her. Would highly recommend!!" -Katelyn A.


"Jacqui has worked with my daughters for a few years. They have grown tremendously during this time and they wouldn't trade their weekly visit with her for anything. Jacqui makes the learning fun"  -Ginny G.


"Jacqui's is an Excellent teacher. She is well educated and talented. She was very patient and kind with my son. The recitals were a great opportunity for my son to experience playing in front of an audience. Highly recommend her classes" -Paula M.