Sarah Heath

Sarah Heath is thrilled to be working for Jacqui in her studio! There has been a need for lessons on Saturdays and Sarah will be taking on a handful of students on Saturday mornings.

 Sarah is 23 and has graduated from Maine College of Art with a major in Digital Media and a minor in Music. They have taken voice and piano lessons since they were 8 years old, starting with Jacqui when they were about 11. Sarah also has perfect pitch, a rare ability to identify notes just by hearing them. They are blessed to have this gift, as it has been one of the major contributors to their passion for music. Sarah’s other hobbies include drawing, animating, theater, baking, playing video games, watching Let’s Plays on YouTube, and being an all-around geek about crazy things like airplanes and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 

Sarah loves listening to all kinds of music, especially alternative rock and metal. Their favorite band is, without question, the Beatles, one of which they borrow the middle name Harrison from, though Janelle Monáe is a close second. They appreciate this opportunity immensely and are so lucky that their first job is in the field of their highest interest. Sarah hopes to someday become a famous singer/songwriter and is so excited about what their musical future holds!


 "Jacqui is an amazing piano teacher! My daughter has been a student of Jacqui's Piano Studio for four years and it is incredible to see what an amazing piano player she has become. My daughter can sit at the piano and play for hours, it's truly magical! Jacqui is young, energetic, full of excitement for her students and their parents. She truly loves what she does with a passion and that is what makes her such a amazing piano teacher."        -Neda N.


"We highly recommend Jacqui's Piano Studio. Jacqui is very talented and has a wonderful way of teaching piano. She's so dedicated to her students and her work. We just love her!!"  -Deb C


"Our 2 teenage boys have been taking piano lessons with Jacqui for the past 2 years. Jacqui has an ability to cater to each child's musical interests, which keeps them excited about practicing. Jacqui is kind and organized and the kids are always happy to attend lessons with her. Would highly recommend!!" -Katelyn A.


"Jacqui has worked with my daughters for a few years. They have grown tremendously during this time and they wouldn't trade their weekly visit with her for anything. Jacqui makes the learning fun"  -Ginny G.


"Jacqui's is an Excellent teacher. She is well educated and talented. She was very patient and kind with my son. The recitals were a great opportunity for my son to experience playing in front of an audience. Highly recommend her classes" -Paula M.